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That was silly but amusing.  You have an "alot" that needs a space, I think.

Hahaha I liked it, but it make me nervous. Good one :)

honestly it was so frustrating seeing the time go down but not being able to move, but in the good way LOL all the text was so funny!! Good job!!!

way too much text but still good

What an Emotional Roller coaster 10/10, I salute you soldier !

Great work soldier! Milkshake coming your way

Fun little game, I actually enjoyed the story.

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

Made me feel like I actually saved the world
Game of the year 10/10

Glad you liked it, and good work soldier!


Great game, the tutorial is a bit short though.

Glad you liked it!

Yeah I tried keeping it to just the bare basics

oh god so much talk hahaha

I like to think of it as world building ;P



As i was playing this i was slowly coming to the realisation of what kind of game this was. At first I didn't believe it, thinking "would he...? No, surely not, there's so much good art shown" but after a while it became clear. :p

Great game and humor!

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it!